by jesse

What does Jesse do to anything after a fresh linux install?

These instructions definitley apply to redhat and SuSE, and proably all other distros. 1. Calls Alex.

2. Laughs

3. Hangs up

4. Changes the lilo config, Make lilo have two entries for kernel, insted of the 1, that most distro default to. The kernel for one entrie is /boot/vmlinuz, the other /boot/vmlinuz.old. Call the first linux, the second linux.old.

5. Gets the newest kernel source off of

6. Compiles a new kernel, Makes the new kernel /boot/vmlinuz. Make the old one /boot/vmlinuz.old.

7. Runs lilo.

8. Reboots.

9. Turns off all un-needed services in /etc/inetd.conf.

10. Installs SSH. in most cases it is easier to install SSH from an RPM or .deb, but in some cases it is necesary to build from source.

11. Installs nmap,

12. Installs The newest version of perl,

13. Installs the newest the JDK,


1. Install Helix gnome,

2. Install the newest mileestone build of mozilla,


1. Install the newest version of apache,

2. Install qmail,

3. Reads slashdot,

4. Puts an "owned by the yak" sticker ont he front of the box.


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