by josh

how do I make my page appear in web search results?

hey slackers and yakophiles, this is a real question, so please, if you have an answer post it. (append the fqa)

I have learned a bit about meta keywords and just implemented those on a couple of my sites.

also, i have been told by several people that linking to sites helps, so i guess i'll try that out.

thanks for listening, The web is a wild and wacky place.


Annotation by strick :
Not so much Linking To Sites, as Being Linked From Sites. From Important Sites. So linking from a FQA is good -- but then link to FQAs (from yet other sites) so we get a good score also, which helps you, too.

This Scientific American article describes how the algorithm works in Google:

Summary: Every day the World Wide Web grows by roughly a million electronic pages, adding to the hundreds of millions already on-line. By analyzing these interconnections, our system automatically locates two types of pages: authorities and hubs. At its most basic level, a search engine maintains a list, for every word, of all known Web pages containing that word.


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