by strick

What's in a Ross Omelette?

Mushrooms, Feta Cheese, Spinach, and Italian Sausage.

This was invented by Ross at a diner recommended by n0b0dy somewhere between Los Angeles and San Diego.

(Tonight I almost had one, but I had Gyro meat instead of the Sausage. 2001-06-15 22:59)

oops.... i got it wrong. Ross says he never gets mushrooms. So we don't really know what is in a Ross Omelette. But we don't really know what was in Absinthe, either...


Annotation by ross :
i think it was ham, spinich, and some kind of cheese... what was it... it was in ocean side california.


Annotation by treesn :
There's no Ross in a Ross omelette?


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