by rupe

What is the beautiful font used in the movie "Bicentennial Man" ?

It's not often that the titles in a movie are as memorable as the movie itself. Title credits, subtitles, and ending credits in the movie Bicentennial Man use a beautiful, angular font called Ballmer, from the Foundry Studio:

DesignInMotion has a description of the creation of the awesome opening credits within the film, along with three QT movies, #1, #2, #3

Almost all of the photography for the movie was done in Northern California. Lots of neat views of SF, with futuristic buildings composited in, and some nice views of the Golden Gate Bridge, to which they added a second deck...

Addendum: I feel compelled to mention Steve Johnson's XFX, Inc, who designed and built the animatronics and wearable robot suit that Robin Williams wore throughout the film. The technical skill and details involved are discussed in this article, and blew me away. I think I'd really like to work for XFX now! NASA was heavily involved in the suit and animatronic design process, too.


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