by strick

What is UNICUM? (Mi van az Unicum?)

Also called the "Hungarian National Accelerator", Unicum is a bitter herbal liquer drunk mostly in Hungary and by Hungarians, although expats and tourists can (and often do) aquire a taste for it. It's a secret recipe of (i've heard) 23 or maybe (below it says) 40 herbal ingredients.

The "Time Out" guide to Budapest describes it as something like (i'm typing this from memory) smells like a hospital corridor, and as bitter as cold winter's night.

It doesn't go over well in the states, where Jaegermeister is about as adventuresome as people get. (To me, Jaegermeister tastes like green kool-aid with extra sugar.)

Drink it in shots, with a glass of soda water nearby, in case you need it.

One Hungarian T-Shirt calls it "The best stomach-strengthening liquor"! It's also considered a tonic, and it is theraputic for a great many ailments. Personally, I strengthen my stomach with it :)

Here's what some other web pages say about it:

Das ist ein Unicum!


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