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What are some good World Wide Web facts I can impress my friends with?

Boogers Fun Web Facts
Number of documents in Inktomi Database: over 1 billion

Number of servers discovered: 6,409,521
Number of mirrors in servers discovered: 1,457,946
Number of sites (total servers minus mirrors): 4,951,247
Number of good sites (reachable over 10 day period): 4,217,324
Number of bad sites (unreachable): 733,923

Web server market share: Apache 60.33%
Microsoft-IIS 25.26%
Netscape-Enterprise 3.79%
Rapidsite 2.07%
Lotus-Domino/Release 1.47%
thttpd 1.37%
WebSitePro 1.21%
WebSTAR 0.93%
Zeus 0.76%
Stronghold 0.71%
NCSA 0.47%
CnG 0.34%
Concentric 0.29%
Roxen Challenger 0.20% Red Hat 0.17% mod_perl 0.16% tigershark 0.13%

Top Level Domains Percentages

Picture of the Inktomia Search Engine Cluster

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