by jake

What is an anarchosexual? What is Anarchosexuality?

Anarchosexuality is a non-specific all encompassing sexual orientation.

Anarchosexualists are often very charismastic, confident individuals. An anarchosexualist doesn't embrace the stratification of intellectual, sexual, or emotional connections into a hierarchy. An anarchosexual doesn't operate in the previously established and constructed authoritarian structure of gender or sexual preference check boxes.

This can be contrasted with polyamory. Rather than having a primary, secondary or a tertiary, an anarchosexualist merely has connections. While there may be no set heirarchy, this does not imply that connections an anarchosexualist may make don't have a range of depth. Everything from carefree anonymous sex, to lifelong deep interpersonal commitments which may hurt immensely and possibly indefinitely if lost.

Anarchosexualists lack a predefined uniform identity or good guy badge. Anarchosexualists may reject the term queer as it implies some sort of baseline normality to stray from.

Anarchosexualist could just as easily be described as a sexualist. For people who desire definitions, this one has been provided; akin to the Tao Te Ching describing Tao, but the true Tao cannot be named.

One of the first references to anarchosexualism online is

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