"Finale, Part two"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Lisa Howard (Dr. Anne Lindsey)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
David Robb (Kalas)
Peter Wingfield (Adam Pierson/Methos)

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Production No. 94322-66
Full Credits

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Previously on Highlander

Scenes from "Song of the Executioner."

We see Duncan meeting Kalas, and Brother Paul telling Duncan that "That is Brother Kalas. I'm afraid warmth is not his greatest quality." Cut to Kalas fighting an immortal just off the monastery's ground, and taking his head as Duncan watches. Paul then confronting Kalas.

Paul: "How could you do these things? This was holy ground, a sanctuary for all, and you used it to kill your own kin, you used it against me! Now, leave here, forever."

Then Kalas, pointing a finger at Duncan: "You do not know what you have done. But you will"

Scenes from "Methos"

Kalas and Maria Campolo, singing together, then Kalas trying to strangle Maria.

Kalas: "Your lover, MacLeod, took everything away from me."

Duncan: "She's not part of this."

Kalas and Duncan fight, and Duncan grabs a piece of glass and slashes Kalas across the neck. He runs off, choking.

"Song of the Executioner"

Kalas standing on stage, pretending to sing while the music plays on a stereo. Then cut to his fight with Duncan, and Kalas stabbing Duncan through.

Duncan: "Why?"

Kalas tears his collar away to expose his scarred throat: "For this!"

Cut to Duncan hanging over the balcony, telling Kalas they'll meet again, and then letting go and falling to the chairs below.


Shot of Paris, and then Duncan and Fitzcairn getting run off the road. Fitzcairn discovers the body of his rival, and tells Duncan that, "it was just a voice. Raspy, like gravel."

Duncan: "He's here."

Cut to Kalas and Fitz fighting, and Duncan running up.

Duncan: "Fitzcairn!"

Fitz: "My fight, laddie."

Kalas defeats Fitz, and takes his head.


Roger Harris spills everything to Kalas.

Roger: "We know what you are. We've been observing you for centuries."

Kalas: "Tell me everything . . .."

Cut to Joe, on the phone to Duncan.

Joe: "Salzer, he's been working on the Methos Chronicle."

Duncan: "Methos doesn't exist. The oldest immortal? He's a legend."

Joe: "If Kalas found him and took his head--" Duncan arriving in Methos's apartment, finding him reading on the floor. "He'd be even stronger."

Duncan looks at Methos: "Methos?"

Cut to Kalas with Don Salzer: "I'm looking for a particular, old powerful immortal . . . Methos." Whips out his knife. "Speak!"

"Finale, Part one"

Methos to Christine: "Don is dead, and nothing you do will bring him back."

Christine: "He gave you and your damn Watchers more time than he gave me."

Methos voice over as Christine finds the CD-ROM database: "Immortals are part of history. They are part of the truth."

Christine, also voice over as she scrolls through the records: "You want the truth? I'm going to tell the truth." Back to her living room. "I'm meeting with the editor of the Tribune. Tomorrow the world is going to know about immortals."

Cut to Joe trying to shoot Christine at the Tribune building, but Duncan steps in front of the bullet and Christine runs in.

Christine, voice over as images from the database flash up: "You're finished, all of you . . ."

Amanda and Duncan are standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, gazing up at it.

Amanda: "I really love coming here. Do you remember when Gustav Eiffel built this thing?"

Duncan: "Yeah, World's Fair 1889. Half of Paris thought it would destroy the city forever. There were fistfights all along the Champs Elysees."

Amanda: "Now you can't imagine Paris without it. I think I could come here forever."

Duncan: "If they let us." Amanda looks at him. He hesitates, then says, still looking up at the Tower, "You know, when Kalas had you . . . I thought I'd lost you. I felt--"

Amanda waits: "Yes?"

Duncan, turning to her and smiling: "I didn't like the feeling."

As Amanda looks at him, someone takes a picture of her. Cut to Martin, Amanda's Watcher, taking pictures from behind a tree. As he lifts the camera for another shot, we see his Watcher tattoo. He lowers the camera and takes out a small tape recorder and speaks into it.

Martin: "It's 3 pm. Amanda and MacLeod are playing tourist at the Eiffel Tower. Looks like a slow day."

Back to Amanda and Duncan.

Amanda: "There's something else on your mind."

Duncan: "Yeah, the future, if there is one."

Amanda: "You know, we've lived through witch hunts before and we're still around."

Duncan: "Yeah, but this time it'll be different. Intelligence services, technology . . . they'll find us. And we'll scare the hell out of them. What people are afraid of, they'll destroy. Or use."

Amanda: "I'm not ready for this."

Duncan: "Neither am I." He takes her arm and leads her off. "No one is."

Act One Back to Top

The Tribune building. Inside, Jeremy Clancy, the editor, is speaking to Christine Salzer.

Clancy: "Christine, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but . . . these stories. I know Don's death was a terrible blow to you."

Christine: "They're not stories, Jeremy, and I'm not crazy."

Clancy, defensive: "I didn't say that!" Taps a paper in his hand. "People running around, chopping each other's heads off, living forever." He laughs shortly. "What am I supposed to think?"

Christine: "All that I'm asking is that you look."

Clancy relents: "All right, Christine. Let's see this . . . proof of yours."

Christine moves around to his computer, looking at him cooly: "I know you're humoring me. Look." She puts the disk in and scrolls to a picture of Graydon Hammer. "Graydon Hammer, the billionaire, 1994."

Clancy, patiently: "Now, Christine, we all know Graydon Hammer. If that's all the proof that you--"

Christine, interrupting: "See the scar under his eye?" She points it out, then moves to the next picture, which is the same man, but in different clothes, in Chicago. "Now. Harold Grimes, 1953. Check the scar."

Clancy shrugs: "Well, it's the same scar. It's a coincidence."

Christine goes to the next file: "Heinrich Greich, the Reichstaag. 1938."

Clancy, getting interested: "The scar." He leans forward. "Damn. They look alike."

Christine, next picture: "Benjamin Tyson, publisher, 1916." Next picture. "Colonel Henry Gattle, 1863, before the Battle of Gettysburg. The picture's fuzzy but you can still see the scar."

Clancy is hooked now, and he sits down at the desk, moving to the next file himself: "Herbert Gries. Paris, 1818. My god! I did a story about this guy when I was at Harvard. He got lost at sea."

Christine: "He wasn't lost, and he didn't die." She moves to the first picture again and enlarges it. "He's Graydon Hammer."

Clancy scrolls between the two pictures, the painting of Gries in 1818 and the photograph of Hammer in 1994, seeing the match. He leans back, shaken.

Clancy: "These . . . immortals. How many of them are there?"

Christine: "More. A lot more."

Clancy leans forward, staring at the computer: "My god."

At the Watcher Headquarters. Jacques Vemas, Methos, and Joe Dawson are standing around in front of a picture window that looks out over the grounds. Vemas is furious.

Vemas: "It's a disaster!" Turns to them. "Wait a minute. Salzer's wife gets our records and goes to the papers? How the hell could you let this happen?!"

Joe: "Jacques, no one let it happen, okay."

Vemas turns on Methos, shouting: "That database you and Salzer made wasn't sanctioned!"

Methos, meek: "It was something new, it would have been useful."

Vemas, yelling at Methos, who stands and hangs his head: "Why! Because some pissant grad student thinks so and screws up a Watcher system that has worked for thousands of years!!! Security is the reason we stay separate, so that one idiot won't compromise us all."

Joe, intervening on Methos's behalf: "You cannot blame this whole thing on Adam."

Vemas turns to Joe, slowly: "No. I can blame you. Europe's my territory. If you didn't have the stomach to kill her you should have told me."

Joe, evenly: "I tried to shoot her."

Vemas: "Evidently not hard enough."

Methos, butting in hesitantly: "I don't think this is helping anything--"

Joe, ignoring him: "You weren't there, pal."

Vemas, smiling with malice: "No. If I was, she'd be dead. Next time I'll know to send a man."

Joe: "You son of a bitch!" Hauls off and punches him. Vemas returns the favor, and Joe loses his balance, toppling backward.

Methos, angry himself now: "Everyone feel better now?!" Goes to help Joe up. "Why don't you try something useful?"

Vemas stalks off, and Methos helps Joe get up.

Methos: "He's got quite a temper on him."

Joe: "Yeah, and a wicked right cross, too."

Outside, Methos and Joe are walking to Methos's car.

Methos: "Is it okay if I drop you at the hotel?"

Joe, still feeling his jaw: "Sure. Where are you going to go?"

Methos: "Tribune. I'm going to see Clancy."

Joe: "The editor?" Shakes his head. "You can't stop this now."

Methos: "No. Spin control. You know, I can answer a few questions, maybe reduce the hysteria."

Joe: "Straight into the lion's den, huh? And what makes you think you're going to come out alive?"

Methos opening the door for him: "I've got a lot to offer. Five thousand years of history, Joe. I was there."

Joe: "History's been written. And people have been known to kill the messenger that waltzes in with a new version of the truth."

Methos smiles: "Why would I tell the truth?"

On top of the Eiffel Tower. Amanda is standing up on the platform that circles the top deck, talking to Duncan, who's still standing, sensibly, on the floor below.

Amanda: "MacLeod, haven't you ever wanted to do something really, really crazy? I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen?"

Duncan: "You hit the ground at 125 miles an hour. You want to know what that feels like?"

Amanda: "I'll survive!"

Duncan: "In front of everyone." He turns to look at the crowd of tourists gathered below.

Amanda: "Look, after tomorrow everyone's going to know anyway." Kneels down to get her face level with his. "Come on, for once in your life just lighten up and let go and break the damn rules."

Duncan: "The whole world is about to crash down around our ears and you want to play games."

Amanda, smiling: "Yes, why not? What better time? Come ooon."

Duncan: "Nah, what the hell . . ." He hops up on the platform next to her.

In the crowd, Martin is snapping away, not believing his eyes. Amanda strolls around the edge, and Duncan moves to the corner, not quite as relaxed about being up there as she is.

Duncan: "Nice view."

Amanda comes up beside him: "Come on, MacLeod. Let's do it. Let's jump."

Duncan looks down at the dizzying scenery below, and comes to another decision.

Duncan, turning to face her: "No! Uh, let's dance."

[Tango music {I think it's tango music, (showing my ignorance yet again . . .)} begins to play.]

Amanda turns to look at Duncan, intrigued, and he whips off his sunglasses. She follows suit, and takes his offered hand, and they start to dance. (This is a great scene. They move most of the time like they're dancing on a huge ballroom floor, without a death-defying drop inches away, but every now then, when they move to the edge, they look down and you know what's on their minds. )

Duncan: "How'd you do it? How'd you get me up here?"

Amanda: "Because you love it . . ."

Flashback Turkey, 1753 Back to Top

Duncan is lying at his ease on a pile of pillows in the Sultan's home, eating grapes.

Sultan: "Is the food to your liking?"

Duncan: "Never tasted better."

Sultan: "Rare spices, only available here."

Duncan: "They could use a taste of this at home."

A servant comes out and bows, and the Sultan waves him away.

Sultan: "Not now." He turns back to Duncan. "I could use a man on my staff who understands Western army. And my court offers many diversions."

Duncan, regretful: "Aye, your Highness does me a great honor, but I cannot stay."

Sultan: "Hmm. Perhaps I might entice you to change your mind?"

Duncan: "Perhaps."

The Sultan claps, and several dancers appear, veiled and bejeweled, and begin to pace slowly into the room. But as they enter, Duncan senses that one of them is immortal, and watches, concerned as they lower their arms to reveal their faces. He breaks into a broad grin, however, when he sees that the one in the middle (the tallest by far), is Amanda. They start to dance, and Duncan leans back, smirking, enjoying the sight. He giggles as Amanda manages to tangle herself in her own veils, and sobers quickly when he catches the Sultan looking at him. Amanda keeps dancing, then pretends to trip, falling across Duncan's lap.

Amanda hisses in his ear: "MacLeod. Get me out of here!"

Duncan: "Not a chance. You're on your own. Want a grape?"

Amanda glares and pushes herself back up, and Duncan laughs as she untangles herself from a neighbor's veils to rejoin the dance.

Sultan: "I see you look on them with favor."

Duncan: "Oh, aye, of course. But that one, the pale one." He raises his voice. "She doesn't seem to know what she's doing."

Sultan: "The tall, foreign one."

Duncan: "Aye."

Sultan: "She is new to the dance. But she has other skills to compensate."

Duncan: "Really?"

Sultan: "Uh, perhaps one of them would interest you?"

Duncan, enjoying himself immensely: "Perhaps . . ."

Amanda shimmies up to him and delivers a sound kick to his shin.

Duncan, gritting his teeth: "The clumsy one. With the special skills."

Amanda glares, but she's pleased to be getting out. Just then, though, a servant comes and whispers in the Sultan's ear, and Amanda begins to look worried. The servant summons guards, and while Duncan watches they start to drag Amanda off.

Sultan: "A thousand apologies, honored guest. But I'm afraid you'll have to pick another."

Duncan: "Truly, her dancing wasn't that bad."

Sultan: "She's a thief. And she will be punished."

Amanda, protesting, is dragged through the dungeons in chains. She's trying to persuade the guards that they don't need to be so careful, that she's just a helpless woman, but they tell her to be quiet.

Amanda: "Or what? You'll add another lifetime to my sentence?"

Guard: "You won't stay long."

They lead her down a narrow passage to a small, dim room.

Guard: "Your punishment will fit your crime. Your thieving hands will be removed." He pulls her chained hands across a chopping block, and the second guard raises a sword, grinning.

Amanda: "Please, it was a mistake. Tell the Sultan that I'm sorry and that I'll give him back his jewels."

Guard: "The Sultan never changes his mind." He raises the sword, and Amanda kicks out, knocking him over. She clobbers the other guard with her chain and runs to the barred door, only to find it closed with a third guard on the other side. She groans, but Duncan walks up behind the guard and knocks him out.

Amanda: "It's about time."

Duncan, pulling out his sword and using it to force the door: "What are you doing?"

They run out, fighting the Sultan's guards along the passage, but they're soon trapped in a small room, with guards pounding the doors on either end.

Duncan: "Why do I do this?"

Amanda, snapping: "Because you love it. What now?"

Duncan, struggling to keep the door closed: "Aw, let 'em in."

They open the doors, and engage the guards in the room, Duncan using his sword, Amanda using everything she can, including her chains which become handy bludgeons. They finally defeat the guards and flee, but at the last moment a man with a bow runs up and fires . . .

Duncan: "Aaarrgghh!!!"

He's leaning against a tree, bracing himself while Amanda tugs at the arrow in his backside.

Duncan, through his teeth: "I can tell you how much I love this."

Amanda: "Oh, would you hold still?"

She pulls sharply, and the shaft comes out at last.

Amanda, inspecting the broken shaft: "All that fussing over a little arrow."

Duncan holds up a humungous arrowhead: "Really?"

Amanda: "Oh. Well, you're not dead and your safe."

Duncan: "With you?!"

Amanda, petting his face: "Aw, I appreciate your help."

Duncan, still peeved: "And I'd appreciate being a thousand miles away from you."

Amanda: "You're angry!

Duncan: "How perceptive!"

Amanda, getting closer: "What if I kiss it and make it better?"

Duncan: "How much better . . . ?"

She growls and bites him on the lip . . .

Present Day Back to Top

On top of the Tower, Duncan and Amanda are finishing the dance with a kiss, while the crowd below looks on, cheering. Duncan puts Amanda down, and they bow to the crowd, laughing. Amanda puts her arms around Duncan again, and he looks at her, suddenly serious.

Duncan: "You, know, Amanda, I want you to know, if it all ends . . . I mean, uh . . ." He trails off.

Amanda, nodding: "You love me. I know. You always have." They kiss.

Back at the Tribune office, Clancy is looking at a picture of Felicia Martins, reading her file while Christine explains.

Christine: "It's all there. When they appeared, when they disappeared. Names, aliases, everything."

Clancy: "And the people who entered these files? The Watchers."

Christine: "Don was one of them. He knew."

Clancy: "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes . . ." He gets up, determined. "But, I did."

Christine: "What are you going to do about it?"

Clancy, spreading his arms: "It's the story of the century. More than that, it's the beginning of the Apocalypse. When this gets out, all hell is going to break loose." He picks up the phone. Behind him, the door opens slowly, and Kalas steps through as Clancy is speaking into the phone, telling his secretary to get him, "Charles White, CIA, Langley, Virginia." Kalas shuts the door loudly behind and Clancy turns, saying irritably, "Not now! Unless it's urgent."

Kalas: "How's life and death?"

Clancy and Christine turn to look at him in shock.

Act Two Back to Top

In his hideout, Kalas is looking through the disk.

Kalas: "Brilliant. You have to admire them. They have files on half the immortals in Europe here."

Nino, though, is less impressed: "That's what you're after. Bunch of pictures."

Kalas: "That's right, Nino. Pictures of the ones like me. And the ones who watch them."

Nino: "Somebody's watching you?"

Kalas: "'Was' watching me, Nino. He's dead. But now, I've found the one who sent him." He leans forward, and pulls up the file of Jacques Vemas.

Amanda and Duncan are walking up to the barge.

Amanda: "You know, I have a great idea. Why don't we find a tropical island and just hole up for the next few decades?"

Duncan looks at her: "Just you and me, huh?"

Amanda: "Yeah. If the rest of the world wants to go to hell then let's let it."

Duncan smiles, then sobers as he senses another immortal. He whips off his sunglasses, turning around, and turns to the barge as Methos appears from inside.

Methos: "Thought you'd be packed and on a plane to somewhere."

Amanda: "See?" To Methos, as she walks up the ramp. "I tried that already, didn't work."

Duncan, following her: "What's up?"

Methos: "Clancy, the editor of the Tribune, is dead. So's Christine Salzer."

Duncan, stepping to him: "How?"

Methos, quickly: "I didn't do it! No, someone got there ahead of me."

Duncan: "The disk."

Methos: "Gone. The computer was wiped clean."

Amanda: "You don't think it was Joe?"

Methos: "No, he had his chance, it wasn't him."

Amanda: "Then who was it?"

Methos: "My guess is one of the Watchers, a local named Vemas."

Duncan: "Has anybody spoken to him?"

Methos: "Not yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if he denied it."

Watcher Headquarters. Vemas is walking on the grounds, talking in his cell phone, telling someone, "I saw him about two years ago, in New York." He stops, breaking off the conversation, as he sees Kalas standing on the path below.

Vemas: "I know you!"

Kalas: "And I know you."

Vemas: "You murdered my friends." He walks to his car.

Kalas: "Oh, let's not get stuck on petty details. You have my files, you know all about me."

Vemas gets in his car and starts it, then does his darndest to run Kalas down. He finally succeeds in hitting him, then pulls out a gun and starts shooting as Kalas runs off. Vemas pursues, driving with one hand while shooting out the window with the other. Meanwhile Duncan, pulling up to the gates, hears the shots being fired. As Vemas continues to pursue Kalas, Duncan drives in, following the sound of the gunfire. Finally, Vemas manages to nail Kalas with the car, and gets out. He runs to the body, and, looking around quickly, spots an axe lying on a nearby woodpile. He picks it up and goes after Kalas, but as he's raising the axe Kalas's sword whips up, cutting the haft in two. Vemas spreads his hands, backing away as Kalas gets up, holding his sword to his neck.

Vemas: "I'm not afraid to die."

Kalas: "There are worse things than dying. Let's talk about me!" He presses the sword closer to Vemas's neck.

Duncan finally arrives at the scene, pulling up beside Vemas's car. He gets out and finds Vemas's body on the ground. As he stands, he senses Kalas and turns to find him waiting at the other end of the nearby bridge.

Kalas: "MacLeod. Seems you're always a day late and a dollar short."

Duncan: "You have the files. You killed Clancy and Christine Salzer."

Kalas, walking towards him: "All in a good cause. I did us all a favor. And this is the way you show your gratitude?"

Duncan: "You're enjoying this."

Kalas: "It's not about enjoyment. It's about power."

Duncan: "In the Game, out of the Game, human, immortal, they're all the same to you, aren't they? You have no code, no rules."

Kalas: "There are no rules."

Duncan: "Oh, there's one." He draws his sword. "Let's find out, you and me."

Kalas, quickly: "One thing! If I die, everything goes public. Salzer's file is on my computer. If I'm not there to stop it, it automatically goes out to every news agency in the world." Duncan stares, stunned. "Marvelous thing, technology."

Duncan, lunging forward: "You're lying."

Kalas leans back: "I think you know me better than that. Kill me, and you blow everyone's cover. Everyone. Or, you can lose your head, and save us all. It's for you to chose." Waits, seeing the indecision on Duncan's face. "What a dilemma, MacLeod! I'll let you think about it. See just what kind of a hero you really are." He turns and walks away.

Act Three Back to Top

It's night. Amanda and Duncan are standing on the deck of the barge, Amanda pacing back and forth.

Amanda: "You should have killed him! I-I-I can't believe you had him and you let him go, that's crazy!"

Duncan, calm: "It's not as simple as all that, Amanda."

Amanda: "I'll tell you what's simple. Dead is simple."

Duncan: "If I kill him all the information on the disk goes public."

Amanda: "Yeah, but what are you going to do, are you just going to stand there and let him take you?" Duncan doesn't answer, and Amanda stops, looking at him. "Wait a minute. What are you thinking?" Duncan looks at her, then away. "What are you gonna--? No you wouldn't do this, would you?" Takes his arm.

Duncan, ruefully: "Got any good ideas?"

Amanda: "Yeah. One. Kill the bastard!"

She turns away, then stops as she senses another immortal. Duncan draws his sword, then lowers it as Methos strolls up to the barge.

Methos: "Did I miss something?"

Amanda: "Let him tell you." She heads inside. Methos, looking up at Duncan, shrugs, and Duncan sighs.

Duncan: "Let's take a walk."

They walk along through a park.

Methos: "Clever. We don't know where he is and even if we did he'd feel us coming and upload the files. Can't see that he's left any doors open."

Duncan: "Just one." Methos looks at him sharply, then takes a deep breath.

Methos: "I was in Rome once. 93 AD, the Coliseum. I saw Christians facing the lions. Some of them looked almost happy to die for their faith."

Duncan puts a hand on his arm, stopping him: "Your point, or are we just strolling down memory lane, here?"

Methos: "That afterwards, the only ones looking happy were the lions . . ."

Duncan, moving away: "This isn't about faith!"

Methos: "No, it's about sacrifice. It's a hell of a thing to be a martyr, MacLeod, and that's what Kalas wants, he's pushing all your buttons."

Duncan: "Well I'm open to suggestions, enlighten me!"

Methos: "Maybe Amanda's right, you fight your best fight."

Duncan: "What, every man for himself and to hell with the rest?"

Methos: "So what if the world finds out? Life is about change, civilizations rise and fall."

Duncan: "This isn't about civilizations, this is about people. Amanda, Dawson, Richie. Our world is not an ant farm!"

Methos, shaking his head, amused: "The passion of youth."

Duncan, sulky: "Yeah, boys will be boys."

Methos: "And every cloud has a silver lining."

Duncan, puzzled: "What do you mean?"

Methos: "If you die, Amanda will be free to date." He walks off.

Duncan: "That's a comfort."

The next day, Amanda is alone (presumably--she says MacLeod's not there, and I'm not gonna call her a liar. ;)) at the barge when the phone rings. She picks it up, and hears Kalas's voice.

Kalas: "Delightful to hear your voice again, my sweet."

Amanda: "Sorry I can't say the same."

Kalas: "Put MacLeod on."

Amanda hesitates: "He's not here right now. But I can take a message."

Kalas: "Listen carefully . . ."

On top of a roof somewhere else in the city, Kalas edges forward slowly, sword ready. Amanda is waiting for him around a corner, but he parries her swing as she strikes out at him.

Kalas: "Not very sporting." Points at her as he backs away, warily. "You should have learned your lesson."

Amanda: "And you should have been more careful shaving. But I can finish the job."

They fight briefly, Amanda using her long swirling cape to confuse Kalas's blows, but he doesn't seem discomfited in the least.

Kalas: "Where to now, my sweet?"

Amanda eventually throws the cloak at him, and holds him off long enough to scramble on top of a platform that's elevated above the rest of the roof.

Amanda: "Come on, Kalas, you afraid of heights?"

Kalas climbs up after her, and soon manages to disarm her.

She jumps from the platform and runs to the edge of the roof, grabbing onto a wire from a TV antenna. Across the street, Martin is furiously snapping pictures as she turns and looks back at Kalas.

Amanda: "Some other time." She slides down the cable, Martin taking pictures the whole way, then runs off. Kalas watches her go, and Martin turns his camera on him, then lowers it in shock when he recognizes him. Kalas turns away, and Martin starts running towards the building.

Back at the barge, Amanda is just finishing changing clothes, talking while Duncan sits and watches.

Amanda: Well at least I tried to do something."

Duncan, angry: "Nobody asked you to. Do you have any idea what happens if that disk goes public?"

Amanda: "Yes! You stay alive."

Duncan: "Amanda, I know you don't want to listen to anybody, but you're going to listen to me." While he speaks, Amanda looks down defiantly and he grabs her arms, shaking her. "Look at me!" He softens, putting his hand on the back of her neck. "Stay out of this. Please."

Amanda, tight and angry: "Is that the way you want it?"

Duncan: "Yes, I do."

Amanda: "Fine. I'm out of it." She snatches up her coat and leaves.

At the Watcher headquarters, a frustrated Joe is yelling at a hapless Watcher in front of him.

Joe: "I don't want to hear you don't know where he is. You find him!"

The Watcher scuttles off, and Duncan strolls in.

Duncan: "Hey, Joe, relax, there are ten million people in Paris . . ." He trails off as he gets a look at the room beyond, the desks and phones and computers and people milling about, all busy as bees. "I guess you guys can't be everywhere."

Joe: "Well they have to be."

The other Watchers have noticed Duncan by now, and the work stops as one by one, they turn and stare at him in shock.

Joe, to the room: "That's right! It's Duncan MacLeod! Anybody have a problem with this?" He shoos them back to their work. "Go on, go on."

Joe to Duncan, quietly: "They can't kill what they can't find."

Duncan: "So much for watching."

Joe sighs regretfully: "He hunts us, we hunt him."

Duncan: "No more rules."

Joe slaps his arm: "Come on, let's go outside." Duncan follows him through the room, and even though they've resumed work, the other Watchers are still giving him sidelong glances. Outside, Joe continues.

Joe: "We didn't start this, Mac, he did. Now, if you find him before we do, can you beat him?"

Duncan: "Maybe."

Joe: "If you fight to win."

Duncan turns to look at him: "You'd better find that disk."

It's night, and at Kalas's hideout, Martin is sneaking down the stairs. He goes to the desk and turns on the computer and the Watcher database screen comes up. But before he can do anything else, he hears Kalas coming and hides in a closet. Kalas comes in and sorts through some files on the desk, then sees that the computer has been turned on. He looks around slowly, and begins to walk cautiously around the room.

At the Watcher headquarters, Joe and Duncan are alone in the main room when the phone rings. Joe picks it up.

Joe: "Yes?"

Martin, in a whisper: "Dawson, I've found it. I've found Kalas."

Joe: "Martin? Where's Amanda and where the hell are you?!"

Martin: "I'm inside right now. The disk is in the computer."

Joe, losing his patience: "Where are you?"

Martin: "At Kalas's place, on rue de Mars [France, why'd it have to be France? Why couldn't it be in some place where I speak the language? Like Spain? Or Germany?--Jinjifore]. As soon as he leaves, I'll get the disk."

Outside Martin's hiding place, Kalas hears the muffled voices, and paces closer, listening.

Joe, to Duncan: "It's Martin. He's found Kalas's hideout."

Duncan: "Tell him to get out of there, now!"

Joe: "Martin . . ."

Outside the closet, Kalas raises his sword, and turns. Inside, Martin freezes, listening to Joe. Kalas whips his sword up, then drives the blade backward through the door, stabbing Martin.

Joe: "Martin!"

Kalas twists the blade and draws it out, the lower half covered in blood. He moves away from the door, and Martin falls out, dead. Kalas picks up the phone from his hand, Joe still frantically trying to get Martin to answer him.

Kalas: "It's not that easy, Dawson."

Joe: "You son of a bitch."

Kalas: "Oh, is that any way to talk in front of the dead? I want MacLeod."

Joe, looking right at him: "He's not here."

Kalas: "Then find him. That's what you Watchers do, isn't it? Tell him he meets me tonight, otherwise, we're all on CNN." He hangs up.

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Duncan is walking through the fog (it's daytime, again, but never mind . . .) and he senses another immortal just before Amanda appears out of fog.

Amanda: "Hi."

Duncan: "Hi."

They stand facing each other, and Amanda looks uncomfortable.

Amanda: "Look, about what happened, I really . . . I'm sorry."

Duncan: "So am I, forget it."

Amanda: "No. About everything. All these years I've been a real pain in the ass and I--"

Duncan: "You could say that. More than once." He touches her face. "It was worth it." They start walking.

Amanda: "MacLeod, I know this is a little hokey, but I don't think Rebecca would mind." She pulls her crystal necklace from her pocket. "There was a time when a knight never went into battle without a lady's favor, so . . . I'd like you to have this, for luck." She puts it in his hand. He looks at it, but doesn't say anything. " I just want you to know, because I really . . ."

Duncan: "I know. You always have."

Amanda: "Always." She kisses him. "Always." She watches him walk away.

Night, at the Eiffel Tower. Duncan comes up the steps to the platform at the top of the tower, and finds Kalas waiting for him, standing at the rail looking over the city. There's thunder in the distance as Duncan walks up to him.

Duncan: "You're early."

Kalas: "I'm careful." He turns toward him. "Well, MacLeod. Nobody here but us." Looks out over the city again. "And I do adore the view."

Duncan, nodding: "It's a good place to die."

Kalas: "So what's it going to be?"

Duncan: "What do you think?"

Kalas: "I think, whatever happens . . ." They both take out their swords. " . . . it's over."

They fight. Down below, Methos, Joe and Amanda watch from the ground, seeing the faint sparks from the swords flashing at the top of the tower. Above, Kalas and Duncan continue to fight, and Duncan wounds Kalas in the arm. Kalas recovers, and they keep on while the others watch, worried. But finally, Duncan runs Kalas through.

Duncan: "Hear that, Kalas? That's the fat lady singing. He pulls out the blade, and Kalas parries a couple more blows, until Duncan finally strikes his blade in two. Kalas looks up slowly as Duncan raises his katana to strike.

Kalas: "You have me at a disadvantage, MacLeod. But remember, if you do kill me, you're finished, too."

Duncan: "Maybe it's worth it if it rids the world of you."

Kalas laughs, sneering: "Stay noble, MacLeod. It's what you're good at." He throws the hilt of his sword down. "Do it!"

But Duncan hesitates, still uncertain. Then he looks up as lighting begins to form from the storm overhead. He looks at it, then back down at Kalas, his face taking on an expression of determination.

Duncan: "The Eiffel Tower. The world's biggest lightning rod."

He takes Kalas's head.

Down below, the three observers see the mist start to form, then back to Duncan. This is a huge Quickening, like 2 minutes long. The lightening strikes everywhere, not just around Duncan and the tower. It goes all over the city shorting out televisions, overloading appliances, blowing up phone booths, etc. One strike overloads the system in Kalas's hideout, and his computer goes up in a shower of sparks. When the Quickening is over, the lights on the Tower go out, and the three watchers look up anxiously.

Amanda: "I don't see him, where is he?"

The Tower lights up again, and now they see someone coming down. Amanda runs to meet Duncan, throwing her arms around him and kissing him. Behind them, Methos and Joe exchange an amused glance. Amanda takes Duncan's arm and they all walk off together, Duncan saying, "That was a big one, wasn't it?"

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Everyone: "Cheers."

They all drink, and as Duncan walks by Joe stops him.

Joe: "Oh, Mac." He pulls a twisted, melted CD-ROM disk from his pocket. "I thought you might be interested in this."

Duncan takes the disk: "Better late than never."

Amanda yawns, covering her mouth: "I'm sorry, champagne makes me so sleepy."

Joe to Methos: "Time to leave." Methos downs the rest of his glass.

Amanda: "Oh, no, not on my account."

Methos: "I'll have another, then . . ." He reaches for the bottle, but Amanda growls and pushes his arm. "Tomorrow." Joe hands him his coat and he pulls it on. "Come on, buddy. Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into."

Joe: "Good night."

Amanda: "Be goo-od."

Duncan: "Good night, Joe. Good night, Methos."

After they leave, Amanda sits down next to Duncan on the back of the sofa. He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out the necklace, holding it up to her.

Duncan: "Guess it worked."

Amanda: "Yeah" She takes the necklace back, and clears her throat. "You know, um, we've said some things that we've never said before. And . . ."

Duncan: "You want me to take them back?"

Amanda pretends to think it over: "No. Not tonight." She kisses him, and they both go tumbling back on the floor.

At Shakespeare and Co, inside the bookstore. The shop bell rings, and the camera moves among the books, finally pulling in on one shelf, where a CD-ROM disk peeks out from among the books . . .

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Well, I sort of did this during the course of the synopsis, but I thought I'd just apologize, specifically, for not knowing diddly-squat about French food and wine. Grits and muscadines, I know, but give me a Chateau-anything and I'm outta my league. One day someone who knows about French wine will read this and (hopefully) write me a long, lovingly detailed e-mail about all the wines and how to spell them. Until then, alas, brackets will be my friends.

Update: I left the above note in just to express my most profound thanks for the fact that someone did, in fact, take the time and effort to research the French wines for me. Any correct French spellings and wines are because a super-nice lady named Agnes sent me the info, and I'd like to make it perfectly clear that I still know nothing about it, and to say a great big huge thanks to her for filling in the gaps. Furthermore, a number of other folks provided snips of dialogue, specific words and other useful French phrases. It took about a dozen people, but we finally did it! Thanks to all of you.

About the names. Once again, I was obliged to play the "Match the Character to the Name" game, and this time I think I did all right (provided that Genet is the one with the red scarf). "Sunshine" and "Thug" though, will probably join Fido and Charlie in the ranks of unnamed characters . . .

Next, the fourth season, starting with "Homeland."


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