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Charles E. Patisaul             Embedded Software Engineer

Cary, North Carolina, USA



To use my low level programming skills developing exciting embedded products; including firmware, operating system, drivers, applications, programmable logic and/or coprocessors.


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Cooperative Plan with Honor, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996

Specializations: Computer Systems and Telecommunications


·         High-level languages: C/C++, Visual Basic, BASIC, HTML, Pascal, and Fortran

·         Assembly languages: ARM, M68K DragonBall (68328), MCore, PowerPC, PIC, and X86

·         Knowledgeable in issues related to low-power and mobile devices

·         Extensive experience in simultaneous cross-platform development

·         Expert at debugging embedded systems with little or no emulator support

·         System level software (RTOS, drivers, libraries, and test applications) in embedded environment

·         High level hardware and software debugging using oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and simulators

·         Low level software debugging using memory dumps and assembly code tracing

·         Operating Systems: Palm OS, WinCE/PocketPC, VRTX, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Unix and Solaris

·         Source/Change Control: PVCS, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, StarTeam, and Clarify

·         Programmable Logic: Xilinx, CoolRunner, and other PLDs

·         Electrical soldering (including surface mount components)

·         Ham radio operator (KB4WEH, Technician Plus)

Professional Experience

Qualcomm, Inc., Cary, North Carolina

CDMA Technologies

Staff Engineer - June 2004 to Present


Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

Digital Subscriber Networks, Headend Embedded Software Team

Staff Embedded Software Engineer - April 2002 to May 2004

·         Developed and maintained firmware for Quadrature Amplitude Modulator series of products

·         Wrote code for multitasking multi-processor system mixing ARM and PowerPC.

·         Maintained carrier grade reliability.

·         Focused on MPEG-2 Systems Layer and PowerKEY Conditional Access System.

·         Worked closely with Digital Network Controller System and set top groups.


Ratio DesignLab, Inc. (became AppForge, Inc.), Atlanta, Georgia

High-tech Product Development

Embedded Software Engineer - April 1996 to April 2002

·         Developed software and firmware for battery powered handheld mobile devices.

·         Implemented 32-bit multitasking embedded real-time operating system (RTOS)

·         Written in portable Object-Oriented C (critical portions in assembly).

·         Simultaneously supported on ARM, ARM Thumb, StrongARM, Motorola M68K DragonBall, and MCore.

·         External modules use position-independent code and data (PIC/PID) for execute in place power savings, flexible configuration, and field upgradability.

·         High-speed direct system and inter-module function calling via a COM like interface, implemented in C.

·         Wrote numerous device drivers including UART, (IR, RS-232, and RS-485), graphical LCD, coprocessor, touch screen digitizer, and paging and two-way radios.

·         Team lead for development of cross-platform GUI controls using C/C++ code shared between Windows and all embedded targets, in the AppForge Piedmont Framework.

·         Senior team member in design and development of AppForge Piedmont (a cross-platform COM-like framework for embedded systems) SDK and run time, for Palm OS and Pocket PC.

·         Wrote and maintained code in programmable logic devices (CPLD and FPGA) and coprocessors to support zero glue logic and field upgradeable design philosophy.

·         Wrote programmable logic elements and boot and OS code for modular Hardware Reference Platform


NASA, Voice and Navigation Aids Section, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Electrical Engineering Student Trainee (Co-Op) - May 1991 to September 1995 (alternating quarters)

·         Prototyping, engineering support, and UNIX programming for U.S. Space Shuttle ground communications systems.


US 6,986,148 - Methods and systems for providing platform-independent shared software components for mobile devices

US 8,619,958 - Communication ranking and organization