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What is shortwave radio?

The term SHORTWAVE describes a specific frequency range (2-30MHz) that enables users with small and moderate radio transmitters to communicate worldwide without the need for a satellite or cable service.

Worldwide coverage is achieved by the reflection of shortwaves in the upper atmosphere ( ionosphere). Around the world shortwave radio is an very important means to distribute news, emails and emergency information to even remote areas on the globe.

The frequency range is used by military (NATO), police, embassies, red cross (NGO’s), amateur radio, radio broadcasting, baby phones, etc..

Usage of shortwave frequencies is regulated by the international telecom union (ITU). Several frequency sub ranges are dedicated to services, like broadcasting and amateur radio use. Nobody else is allowed to use the same allocation or cause interference to these primary allocated radio services. Even no national authority is allowed to allocate differently on national level, since radio propagation will not stop at the countries frontier.


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